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Collars Built for Adventure

That's right! An essential part of any pup's life, the collar is the one piece of "clothing" they constantly have on. It's a part of their identity, and more often than not says a lot about who they are as individual.

When it comes to collars, we believe your dog's collar should be as rad as the adventures you take them on.

With an active and highly outdoor based lifestyle, there simply wasn't a collar that fit the bill for our pup. So we began expanding the BackcountryPaws line to create a product that could keep up with life on the trail. Our list of must-nots seemed basic enough when we first began. We were tired of the classic plastic buckle that grew weaker with age, the notoriously deceptive d-ring that resulted in frequent missing name tags from misplaced leash attachments, and most importantly the lack of durability from cheaply sourced materials.

We wanted to create a design that was equally as bold and functional as anything the pup might encounter in the outdoors. And boy oh boy did we do just that! Check it out.


We started simple - basing the core of the collar around a webbing that's uv, rot, mildew and moisture resistant. And if that wasn't good enough, it can withstand over 1,000 pounds of tensile strength! Good luck breaking through that!

We then tackled the issue of the plastic buckle. By transforming a specialty hardware item for mountaineering packs, we created the ultimate buckle for dog collars.

The gatekeeper lock's secure metal pin not only prevents accidental break outs, it reinforces the overall integrity of the buckle, making it virtually unbreakable under normal circumstances. It's everything you could want and more.

Follow that up with the introduction of the beastee-dee and you've got a collar well worth it's weight in gold!

Thanks to it's unique design, the beastee-dee features individually spaced gaps allowing you to place your pup's name tags in one and the leash in the other. Better yet, these bad boys are a single press mold with a 500 pound shear strength rating. There's simply nothing more secure.

We finished off our one-of-a-kind collars with something most people won't ever notice... stitching. To help increase the durability of the collars, we created a stitch sequence to provide extra reinforcement to areas that would suffer more strain when in your pup. Primarily this includes where the collar connects at the buckle and where you would clip a leash for walking. It's a detail that may seem inferior, but the overall impact on the performance of the collar is significantly greater for it.

So with that we bring to you a trail ready collar designed by outdoor dogs for outdoor dogs.

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