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The Ultimate Dog Snow Pants

We spent the off season taking customer feedback, evaluating our construction techniques, navigating the constantly changing world of materials sourcing, and creating micro adjustments to ensure the best possible fit of our gear. All while ensuring our gear is proudly crafted in the USA, supporting other small businesses along the way. Our next-gen gaiters (snow pants for dogs) are the ultimate gear your dog needs this season, and this is why...!

Highlights for 2023
Updated vinyl die cuts

Updated transitional connectors

Last year we introduced a custom die cut transitional connector that pairs the sleeves of our snow pants to the intricate webbing system used to secure a dog's overall fit. In an attempt to further improve our gaiters, we decided to shift materials for the component to a heavy duty vinyl- making these pieces now naturally waterproof, insanely strong and durable, and thinner than our previous design. We also modified the tooling we use to cut these to include rounded corners to further reduce friction or sharp points that could be uncomfortable for the dogs when in use. Did we mention they also just look super sleek now??

Fully connected boots

Fully connected boots

Our gear was inspired from the ground up starting with our fully connected rubberized boots, guaranteeing you’ll never lose a boot on the trail again 💪🏻 They also include fully welded seams to create a naturally waterproof boot, a flexible design to promote natural paw movement and expansion, a traditional Velcro cinch to ensure stability and safety, a reverse stitched ballistic felt liner to add just a little insulation and cushion without any seams, and a rubber compound tested to maximize traction when you need it most. There’s a reason why our boots are so heavily trusted, they’re built to tackle just about anything.

Airloc buckles

Airloc buckles

Quick on. Quick off. An aspect of our gear that can sometimes be overlooked- buckles. We’ve been using Airloc buckles for years for a variety of reasons. They’re UV resistant, have a high break strength, are incredibly light weight, and best of all shed debris like snow and dirt with their open air design. These buckles help keep our entire system in place connecting the sleeves of our snow pants with the intricate strapping system, so we’ve made sure to make them just as burly and important as the rest of our construction.

Updated ripstop

Updated ripstop

Perhaps the largest change we've made in years, we're debuting a new ripstop for the sleeves of our flagship product. This was something we did not take lightly, but when the fabric we had been using for the past few years was sadly discontinued in our signature colors we knew it was time to search for an alternative. Endless testing, prototyping, and knit-picking led us to a new ripstop that is truly amazing. Our new Hyper D ripstop is a 300 denier polyester ripstop with a reinforced diamond stitch grid featuring an increased abrasion resistance and a 19,000mm+ waterproof rating (that's on par for some of the fancier jackets that humans wear). This ripstop is the definition of what it means to bring mountain-certified durability to your dog's most trusted technical snow gear.

Unleash your dog's next adventure this winter with the ultimate snow pants.

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