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We are BACK | #therevival

Hello hello hello!! Anyone there?!

Our unintentionally prolonged absence has finally come to a close. A combination of multiple factors all merging at just the right time was sadly nothing we could have predicted would occur, but with a little luck and immense support we are happy to announce that our brand and gear is back... and dare we say... better than ever before!

During our absence, we decided it was time to see if we could take the next step in making our gear as bomber as we have dreamt since our inception. Apparently dreams do come true, because the checklist we had has finally come to life thanks to a team of technical engineers who were willing to help us out. These upgrades to our gear re-establish our dedication to creating a product unlike any other to help elevate your dog's adventures regardless of the elements. The best just got even better. Curious what we're talking about? Check it out...

Major gear upgrade #1

The entire system of our gaiters is designed around our flexible, rubber padded, anti-slip boots. In years past, these boots have been traditionally sewn and then sealed with a Gore-tex like waterproof tape. The process worked but we always knew it could be done better. Step in the engineering team... New for this year, our boots are now fully welded! This creates a naturally waterproof boot which allows for longer days on the trail, while also resulting in a much stronger construction that can take nonstop abuse. This upgrade also allows the rubber roles to then be paired with a reverse stitched ballistic felt liner which further helps cushion and insulate the paws. We now have unmatched durability with ZERO seams that come in contact with the paws of your best friend. That means no hot spots, no chafing, no hassle getting the boots on- just a perfect fit every time.

Major gear upgrade #2...

Another key component of the gaiter system is in the adjustable strapping network that helps keep everything in place. The connections between the sleeves and the strapping has always been held together with a polypropylene webbing. It's extremely durable, but the numerous seams and heat cut edges left us always wanting more. New for this year are our custom die-cut transitional mounts. Made of a tri-layered felt, foam, and rubber mix, these new mounts provide a cleaner, smoother, less abrasioned, stronger connection that greatly improves the function and comfortability for your dog when in use. Did we mention they look slick too?!

The tried and true...

There are still parts of our design that have remained the same.

  1. Our boots still feature a classic velcro cinch to help secure the fit on your dog's paws when in use.

  2. The sleeve of our gaiters remains composed of a unique 70 denier hexagonally stitched ripstop that features a robust external DWR coating as well as an internal polyurethane coating. Extremely water repellent*, light weight, and vibrantly colored - these sleeves allow your fur child to move with ease as well as stay both snowball free and drier at all times.

  3. Our adjustable chest, shoulder and rear straps allow for perfect customization to match your dogs own unique size.

  4. Hardware you can trust- focused around our Airloc quick release buckles which are specifically designed to shed dirt, snow and other debris every time you use them.

There truly is no detail we haven't tried to perfect, and although we might be slightly biased... our gear's LEGIT!

So... the forecasts are calling for dropping temps and snow is beginning to fall! It's time to outfit the pup because we're back y'all, let's get exploring!! #gaitergamestrong

*technically our ripstop is marketed as waterproof, but we also live in the PNW and know that eventually anything can let water in over time

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