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How quickly will my order ship?

In order to maintain a more sustainable shipping practice orders will be shipped twice a week. 

Orders placed Thursday-Sunday will be shipped Monday. 

Orders placed Monday-Wednesday will be shipped Thursday. 




Where is your gear made?

We proudly design and make all of our products here in the USA!  As a small business we try our best to source the materials we use from within the states as well, with many just a short drive from our base of operations in Washington State. 



Can I wash my dog's gear?

Definitely!  All of the materials in our products are designed to be easy to clean - so if you feel the need to clean your pup's gear we recommend simply washing it by hand with warm water and letting it air dry.  


I'm nervous to make the velcro strap too tight.  How tight or loose should it be?


This is something we paid extra attention to when designing our gear.  The velcro strap is positioned at a height where it won't affect your pup's movement or blood flow, allowing you to make sure it's nice and secure.  We normally recommend you give it a nice gentle pull to ensure the velcro is securely wrapped around the paw.  If your boot or gaiter is coming loose, most likely it's because the velcro isn't tight enough!

Returns / Exchanges



Can I return my gear for a refund?

We want you to love your gear as much as we do, and stand behind everything we make.  Gear that is new and unused can be returned for a full refund within 14 days of delivery - less original shipping and taxes, with return shipping paid for by the purchaser. 

If for some reason your gear is faulty or not performing as described, please drop us a line via the form on our Contact page and someone will help you resolve the issue. 



What about exchanges?

Having gear that fits is crucial for maximized performance.  If your order proves to be the wrong size, we will gladly work with you to properly outfit your pup.  All exchanges must contain gear that is new and unused, with the same 14 day policy applying as with regular returns.  

If you are having trouble sizing your pup when placing an order feel free to reach out to us for help.  We can almost always nail the size for each product we sell and it will save you an immense amount of time and money. 

Gaiter Specific



How do I know what size to get for my dog?

When it comes to gear, there's nothing more important than making sure it fits properly.  In order to determine which size gaiter will fit best, just one measurement is required. 


Using a tape measure, place the tip at the ground along the length of your pup's front leg, extending the tape measure upward until it fully spans the height of your pup.  Now search for the spot that marks the mid-shoulder (think human deltoid). 


On the example photo you can see where we have made a mark at roughly 18.5" - indicating that the size LARGE would fit.  

Although each dog is different in shape and size, we do see many similarities between weight and size when ordering.  If you are unsure of what size to buy this can be a great reference to check - however you should still measure your dog to ensure the best possible fit before placing your order.  From our experience, most (but not all) dogs between...

  • 20-30 pounds fit our SMALL

  • 30-45 pounds fit our MEDIUM

  • 40-65 pounds fit our LARGE

  • 60-85 pounds fit our EXTRA LARGE

And if you're still stuck and can't figure it out, shoot us a message! We'll gladly do our best to help you decide what direction to go. 

dog snow pants sizing, dog gaiters sizing














What makes gaiters different than traditional dog booties?

Dog booties are great!  They're often compact, sleek in design and versatile across multiple terrains - however, they also have their limitations.  Due to their low profile, traditional dog booties work best on compressed surfaces.  So when it comes to snowy adventures, those wonderful powder covered trails prove to be just too much; resulting in the frequently lost or loosened boots.  

That's where our gaiters really shine.  Taking the concept of a traditional dog bootie and amping it up, we've created a system that can handle just about anything.  Our gaiters are composed of a rubberized boot connected to a lightweight ripstop sleeve, providing significantly more protection from the elements while still allowing your pup to move and explore as they normally would. 



My dog walks weird when I put them on in the house?  Is that normal?

We've all seen those viral hits of dogs wearing boots for the first time - essentially playing the child game of 'the floor is lava'.  This also sometimes can occur when trying on gaiters for the first time, but it's completely normal.  In most circumstances, simply leaving the comforts of home and going for a walk around the block will help ease your pup into their epic new gear.  Just like anything new though, give it time.  Not to mention, once you hit the trail they'll not even notice they're wearing them!



Can my dog wear gaiters even when it's not snowing?

For sure!!  Although our flagship product was originally designed with the sole purpose of protecting dogs in the snow, they're lightweight design makes them great for multiple terrains including rainy or muddy hikes, burr and tick prevention, even at the beach!  You can rock gaiters anywhere. 



My gaiters look like they're soaking wet, are they still working?

They definitely are!  The color ripstop sleeves of our gaiters have multiple components to them, including a DWR exterior finish as well as an internal polyurethane coating.  DWR finishes make gear look fancy, beading the water when coming in contact with the material, however it becomes weaker with time until the spray is effectively used up or gone.  The polyurethane coating though is what truly keeps moisture from entering the gaiters and takes quite a beating before showing signs of aging. 


So if your gaiters look like they're soaked, chances are the DWR finish has simply begun to wear down - but never fear, they're still working in prime shape!  If you like, you can even respray the exterior of the gaiters with any aftermarket water repellant to regain that water beading look. 



How do I put them on?  Do you have any tips or tricks?

Quite possibly the most asked question and for good reason, the first few times you try to put gaiters on your pup it can be a little confusing.  Luckily for you, we're here to help!  And trust us when we say this - it only gets easier each time. 

Although we ship the gaiters fully attached and buckled, the easiest way to put them on is individually, leg by leg. 


Starting with the front, undo the velcro strap and scrunch the sleeve of the gaiter down (similarly to how you might a long wool sock).  Once scrunched, you can help guide your pup's foot into the boot.  A simple trick we've learned is that by keeping a finger behind your pup's pad you can help ease their foot into the bootie section more smoothly.  Now tighten the velcro strap (and remember to make sure it's tight!) and pull the sleeve upwards into position.  Repeat with the other front leg and clip the shoulder buckle and chest straps in place.  

Now transition towards the rear legs.  Continue to put on the rear legs as you did the front, buckling them together once they are both on.  The final step to getting the gaiters on is connecting the back ridgeline strap.  This helps keep the front and rear legs intact when those crazy zoomies begin!    

Once fully on, your gaiters will need some simple adjustments via the strapping system - and after these adjustments, the straps should rarely need tweaked again, making the on-and-off process significantly faster and easier.  The example photo helps illustrate how the gaiters should look when properly on.  

dog snow pants side view, how to put on dog snow pants


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