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Summertime is here... and so are our NEW boots!

We've been MIA for a bit as we've been trying to navigate the waters in establishing new suppliers and manufacturers here in the USA. But we're starting to get on track and have our heads above water, which means we're hitting the ground running once again!

In this down time we've also been making tweaks to improve our gear, because we're firm believers in the fact that there's always room for improvement - and when it comes to the pup, we spare no expense in getting it right. So what exactly are we trying to say here?!

That's right! We're talking dog booties 2.0.

When we overhauled our gaiters this past winter, there were critical design changes we made that we quickly realized could benefit our traditional dog boot too.

The first of which was to eliminate the unnecessary seam in the rubberized sole. Although this seam did give our boots a sleek look, it was prone to moisture penetration due to the inability of sealing the seam. By mirroring our gaiters and transferring to a more simplistic two piece design, the boot now becomes more reliable in a larger array of weather and terrain, all the while providing the same glove like fit to your pup when in use.

Our other major tweak is perhaps the real game changer here... seam tape. Our previous line of boots used a 2 membrane adhesive commonly found in outdoor apparel and equipment. However, over time, it became more prone to tear and wear due to the constant force and nails of the pups wearing our gear. We now have an amazing supplier on the East Coast who creates a 3 membrane adhesive for us that is basically Gore-Tex for dogs. We could go on and on about what makes this new seam tape so incredible, but to keep it as simple as possible we'll highlight just a few key aspects...

  • It's wider width allows a more consistent seal along the entirety of the boot

  • Highly improved adhesive membrane which maintains its glue like properties regardless of temperature, flexibility, or wetness/dryness of the boot

  • Addition of a third membrane allows a cross-weaved layer to be applied which helps decrease damage and wear from claws when in use

Simple, yet highly effective, changes that make an incredible difference in the durability and fit of our boots. Just take a look!

These boots are #nextlevelboots for sure!

Just like our previous line, these boots are still fashioned around our padded anti-slip soles.  The flexible rubber design allows your dog's pad to move as it normally would; slightly expanding and shifting with each stride, providing not only a more comfortable fit but a larger constant surface area resulting in improved overall traction control.

Long story short - we're stoked on this redesign and know you will be too!

So get prepped for summer and grab some quality gear for the pup! They'll thank you later!

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