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#gaitergamestrong is BACK!!

When we began this brand, we wanted to create gear that broke the mold. Gear that would help elevate your pup's adventuring to the next level. Last year we did just that when we introduced you to our flagship product, dog gaiters - transforming what most people thought when it came to what an adaptive dog bootie should be.

We couldn't just stop there though. Dedicated to our craft, we are constantly trying to improve our gear; which is why we spent the last year dissecting every aspect of our gaiters. And we're finally done

That's right y'all! Your patience is finally about to pay off... and trust us, it was worth it.
So after a year of working to improve our gaiters, you might be curious as to what all we've done. Let's break it down!

We decided the best way to begin improving our flagship product was by starting at the base and moving our way up.

To begin, the boot of our gaiter is now comprised of a single rubber design as opposed to the older two toned version. This simplistic adjustment helps eliminate an unnecessary seam that previously was notorious for allowing moisture to seep in, while also streamlining the overall look of the product.

We also transitioned our velcro to a slightly wider, stickier velcro that provides more constant contact even when wet - helping keeps those boots in place better and longer, and holding on even when the zoomies and crazy snow jumping begins.

We couldn't just stop there though! Deep within the boot, where eyes never peer, we removed the old two layer membrane seam sealant and replaced it with an improved three layer membrane seam sealant that can now withstand the continued force of sharp claws, while still holding back unwanted moisture.


The next (and perhaps the most impressive) upgrade we made was with our ripstop sleeves.

Not only did we eliminate another seam by redesigning them into a single cut for sewing, we spent the entire summer testing and analyzing dozens of materials to find the very best one available.

New for 2018/19, our sleeves will be built using a unique hexagonal stitched, 70 denier, DWR sprayed, and urethane coated ripstop. Sounds like just a bunch of randomly combined words, but here's what it really means...

For years, ripstop has been constructed the same way, using a square stitch sequence - but over time that square becomes weaker and the material begins to stretch and sag, especially when wet. Furthermore, if a puncture occurs, it is easily increased since all of the threads are running in similar directions. Our new ripstop is built to battle these previous flaws in construction. The hexagonal stitch sequence not only minimizes sagging/stretching by creating more points of contact within the core of the material but also reduces the expansion of tears if one is to occur, essentially self-containing the puncture allowing you to patch it before it's too late.

The next aspect of our new ripstop is its denier thickness. Smaller the denier, the lighter the material, but also weaker. On the contrary; larger the denier, thicker the material, but also much heavier. It's sort of a catch-22 when trying to create lightweight durable gear. Luckily for us, after numerous rounds of testing, we found the perfect denier for our gaiters - allowing them to preserve their lightweight feel and malleability while maintaining the necessary strength and abrasion resistance to fend off lone sticks, sharp rocks and even stray teeth when those off leash wrestle sessions begin.

Lastly, we get to the DWR spray and urethane coating - the true bread and butter of our ripstop. The DWR spray on the exterior provides that beading look we all know and love, while the urethane coating on the interior is what helps prevent moisture from penetrating through to your pup's legs. Overtime the DWR spray wears off (and can easily be reapplied with any waterproof spray found in outdoor stores) but the urethane coating lasts on for continued protection.

And did we mention the gaiters come in four epic colors this year?! Robin egg blue, olive yellow, burnt orange and charcoal grey.

Those randomly combined words are now a lot more legit!


We ended our upgrades at the top of our gaiters with an adjustment many may not think is worthy of mentioning, but to us provides a huge improvement to the functionality and overall aesthetic of our gear.

That's right... we're talking buckles!! Slimmer, more durable and easier to latch - these buckles are a game changer when it comes to getting the gaiters both on and off. It's all about those details.

So with that, we present to you - the newest, greatest and most badass version of our flagship product yet! Where will your gaiters take you?!

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