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Where in the World?

One of our favorite aspects of running Backcountry Paws is seeing all the pups rocking epic gear on their adventures - and thanks to social media platforms like Instagram, we're able to see photos and videos everyday of just that! Sometimes we may get a little snow envy and are wishing we could teleport to Utah or Colorado real quick to enjoy some fresh powder with our own pup, but seeing the adventures you all share with us is always a blast.

The other aspect we love to see and track is just where all we've sent our gear! When we began our brand we never knew how far our reach could go, but we had lofty goals of outfitting dogs across the entire nation. As 2019 begins, we decided it'd be fun to map out all the provinces and states that we've sold to and see how close or far away we might be.

So where are all the pups rocking gaiters?

9 provinces & 44 states!

Plus Japan, South Korea, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Finland, and the United Kingdom.

How crazy is that?! We were a bit mind blown as well when we first saw the maps, but now we've got to get back to business and fill in the rest of the blanks!

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