Temporarily unavailable.  It's been a year of obstacles as we have pushed to keep our brand alive.  The good news, we are making the final steps needed in order to launch our next line of gear with upgrades to the design and construction that deliver a superior outdoor product like we've never seen before.  The bad news, manufacturing in the USA has become a tumultuous process that has resulted in unexpected delays and complications that are beyond our ability to control.  That being said, our goal of having product by the new year has been postponed.  In order to ensure a quality product we will sadly not have gear until mid to late February.  We hope that after that point to have a consistent supply chain in order to never run out of gear again!! Until then, please fill out the form in the red box on the main 'SHOP' page to be alerted as soon as we collect our new gear for sale.  Thank you for your patience! 


Our flagship product!  We've taken the traditional dog bootie and amped it up to something we know you'll truly love.


The base of our product is designed around our flexible, rubber padded, anti-slip boots. They feature not only the standard Velcro cinch to ensure stability and safety on your dog's paws, but are also internally sealed with a 3-membrane waterproof seam sealant to further protect against unwanted moisture penetration.


In addition, the sleeve of our gaiters is composed of a unique 70 denier ripstop that features external DWR as well as an internal polyurathene coating.  Water repellent, light weight and vibrantly colored - these sleeves allow your fur child to move with ease as well as stay both snowball free and drier at all times.


With adjustable chest, shoulder and rear straps accompanied with quick release buckles, our gaiters fit dogs of all breeds and sizes! 


Best of all? Our gaiters come on and off with such ease it's just as quick as putting on traditional booties. Almost too good to be true!!  


For a detailed information in regards to proper sizing please check out our FAQ page or click HERE.


  • All international orders may be subject to duties or local provincinal taxes.  Buyer is responible for these additional costs.

  • Extended use on harder surfaces (concrete, asphalt, etc) can increase the wear process resulting in scuffs, marks and even holes. 


    Lack of maintaining proper grooming (ie, untrimmed nails) can result in product failure by creating holes due to said nails.