When it comes to collars, we believe your dog's collar should be as rad as the adventures you take them on.  That's why we created a design that is equally as bold and functional as anything they may encounter in the outdoors. 


We began our redesign of the traditional collar at it's core.  Not only is the material uv, rot, mildew and moisture resistant; it's polyester weave can withstand over 1,000 pounds of tensile strength. Plenty to hold back your fur child when they attempt to catch the stray rabbit or squirrel, even the mailman!


Our continued innovation is visible throughout the entirety of the collar.  By swapping the commonly used side release buckles with our unique gate keeper lock, the hardware of our collars becomes much less frail with age and when properly secured results in fewer accidental breakouts.  Furthermore, we replaced the classicly outdated d-ring and implemented what we refer to as the beastee-dee, which features individual spacing for name tags, leash clips and more!


It's time to upgrade your dog's collar to something that can keep up with all they do!


Neck Circumference

All international orders may be subject to duties or local provincinal taxes.  Buyer is responible for these additional costs.

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