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Simple | Refined | Welded


A boot designed to stay on when your dog needs them most.  


When we began designing a traditional dog boot we had a list of goals in mind of how we wanted them to perform.  We wanted a boot that felt comfortable and could allow dogs to blaze the trail for hours on end, provided the necessary traction regardless of the terrain, durable and easy to clean if needed, and most importantly, to stay on... even when the crazy zoomies off leash begin.  


We've done just that, creating a boot that's truly epic.

  • Flexible rubber soles -  promotes natural movement while ensuring maximum traction

  • Traditional velcro cinch - ensures stability and safety on your dog’s paws

  • Fully welded - provides naturally waterproof boot and stronger overall construction

  • Reverse stitched ballistic felt liner - insulates and cushions the paws

  • ZERO seams - no hot spots, no chafing, just a perfect fit every time


These are boots made for adventure, and they're ready to take whatever beating you throw at them; just the way your dog's gear should be built.



  • Although each dog is different in shape and size, we do see many similarities between weight and size when ordering.  If you are unsure of what size to buy this can be a great reference to check - however you should still measure your dog to ensure the best possible fit before placing your order.  From our experience, most (but not all) dogs between...

    • 20-30 pounds fit our SMALL

    • 30-45 pounds fit our MEDIUM

    • 40-65 pounds fit our LARGE

    • 60-85 pounds fit our EXTRA LARGE

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