Ripping on that famous champagne pow from Vail, CO, Sadie sets the bar as to what a Backcountry Paws pup can do.  She's a backcountry skiing pro that easily laps most humans on the mountain, earning her turns as often as possible. 

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Just another one of the doods, Murph is a roadtrip king hailing out of Minnesota and is always out exploring on the trail or his local lake (both when a lake and an ice rink!).  If you've ever thought gaiters might slow your pup down just take a look at how fast Murph can fly when rocking some epic gear! 

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This wacky pup is the original inspiration behind our legendary gaiters.  Based out of North Bend, WA, she's a trail bagging river pup who's constantly testing the latest iterations of gear to help keep Backcountry Paws moving forward. 

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She's perhaps known by most for her floof, but Winnie's one of the most adventurous pups in the crew-  frequently tagging volcanic summits with 360 views in the backcountry from her basecamp home of Vancouver, WA.  

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This Cali pup has seen just about every type of terrain out there.  She may be the newest member of our crew, but constantly has us daydreaming of the epic trips she's taking either on the road or on the trail.  If you're ever feeling like you need a spark of inspiration, just hop on over to her feed!

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Circa 2014, this dood has been a part of the Backcountry Paws family from day one and has played an essential role in helping perfect our design and narrowing down the needs our gear should tackle.  Did we mention she's the queen of purple?!


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The faces behind the scenes!  Our love for exploring the outdoors with our pup is what began this crazy brand.  We're hikers and bikers and fly fishers and skiers and so much more!  Chances are if you can't get ahold of us we're somewhere off the grid enjoying the views. 

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