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Slot machines: From one-armed bandit to high-tech robotic At one time, slot machines were simple devices. You put a coin in, you pulled a lever, and the reels spun. When they stopped, you heard the soothing sounds of clinking coins . . . or painful silence. Sure, you spent only a nickel or a quarter, but that silence was so painful that you couldn’t help but put in another coin. If you’ve been in a casino recently, you know how everything about gaming machines has changed. The humble one-armed bandit is now a sophisticated robotic master thief, with enough computing power to fly the space shuttle

This soulless adversary even plays you a little song while it gleefully sucks up all your coins. Sure, the games still have some reminders from the past (like fruit or bells on the paylines), but the level of sophistication grows every day. And today’s slots are the most popular game in the casino, hands down — despite the fact that they offer some of the worst odds in the house.

Slot machines occupy all that space on the casino floor for a good reason — people love to pump money into them, and they’re available in practically any denomination — from pennies to dollars. If you’re a person who just can’t say no to their alluring call, make sure you read Chapter 12, so you can pick a worthy game with a better-than-average payout table. Video poker: Not your Aunt Beatrice’s kitchen-table game Like slots, video poker offers a solo gambling experience, yet the two games are very different. Slots are primarily about luck, but video poker requires a certain amount of skill and technique. And just because you’ve played some kitchen-table Five Card Draw with your Aunt Beatrice, don’t assume you can break the bank at video poker. Several variations confront the casino guest, and you want to master the strategies before you decide whether to hold ’em or fold ’em.



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